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Assist NPS is an animal health and nutrition company that increases livestock producer revenue through the science of competitive exclusion - which maximizes animal health, weight and livability, while reducing feed consumption.

Unlike other providers whose products only address one or two productivity factors in animal husbandry, Assist NPS's all-natural, university-tested solutions address the environment, nutrition and water of a grower's operation.  This enables an optimal bacterial balance in the facility and in the animal's gut.

This provides growers and integrators with comprehensive, antibiotic-free solutions that lead to improved animal performance, ideal grow house conditions and result in an increased bottom line for the producer.

Assist Natural Products and Services use a Programmed Approach to address environmental and nutritional issues. Our Programmed Approach uses quality control initiatives to address four factors essential to animal well-being. The three factors are: Environment, Nutrition, and Water Quality. Assist field trials have demonstrated when our Programmed Approach is followed, the flock summaries have consistently shown increased livability, healthier birds, reduction in feed conversion, and increased pounds to market. Our systematic cost effective program along with our innovative products optimizes the flock performance and will enhance your bottom line.

  1. Environment:

Assistís focus on promoting and maintaining healthy litter is accomplished in two steps. First, Assist products accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria to out compete unwanted pathogens for the same critical resources within their environment. Second, Assist products control moisture and ammonia by causing an early release during cleanout as well as condition the litter to further bind ammonia. This minimizes stress on the flock which yields less mortality and more efficient growth. We understand that all operations are different and each farm has a cleanout procedure that may vary. The Assist program is simple and easily implemented in any operation. 

  1. Nutrition:

Assist focuses on competitive exclusion to improve gut health. We are able to increase the amount of feed digested and absorbed which lowers feed consumption and increases weight gain. Our nutritional program is complete with key micronutrients, direct-fed microbials and amino acids in one package. This increases the birds overall health and optimizes feed conversion. All our nutritional products utilize ingredients from the AAFCO approved materials list. 

  1. Water Quality:

    Clean water improves gut health, increases production and improves feed conversion. Water does so much more for your animals too. It aids digestion, regulates body temperature, delivers nutrients, eliminates waste, protects the immune system and ensures proper hydration.

    All Water quality can change with the seasons, depending on the location and water source. In addition, the warm environment inside a poultry house, for example, can lead to a rapid replication of microorganisms, resulting in formation of slime in water lines and regulators. Inanimate scum is composed of many types of bacteria and other organisms that lived together in a sticky film inside water lines, regulators and nipple drinkers in all, the Assist Water Program can help you raise healthier, more productive animals.

Many producers seem to be facing the same reoccurring problems. These problems are a direct result of deficiencies in one or more of the three factors: Environment, Nutrition, and Water Quality. Assist will help you implement the Programmed Approach that provides consistency in your operation and increases payable pounds flock after flock.    (815)369-2195    PO Box 784    218 Evergreen Dr.  Lena, IL  61048


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