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Success Stories - Water


Broiler Grower Rockets to All-Star Status after Implementing the Assist Program.

When Andy from Assist Natural Products and Services met David Marten in March of 2012, David was having inconsistent results and his flocks were slightly above average at best. David was raising 50 day birds and like many of the growers in his area, David would de-cake between flocks, use an ammonia control product, and treat for beetles. Starts were consistently slow with high cull rates at the middle and end of flocks. These issues were having a significant impact on his profitability.

Wanting to improve his performance, David agreed to start a trial with the Assist nutrition program. Once David received his settlement sheets he compared the performance of the control flock against the flock that was on the Assist program. The trial results using the Assist products showed significant increase in livability and payable pounds.

Now David decided to use the Assist “Programmed Approach.” He cleaned his water system with AWS 1200 and started sanitizing his water with the AWS 5000. This eliminated his bio-film issues and improved the functioning of his cool cells. David used the Assist Quickstart Plus and Conversion nutritional products which improves the gut microbiota and nutrient absorption. He started windrowing his litter instead of removing it twice per year and began using Relentless Plus and Defender to reduce the bacteria load in his litter and barns. He found this to be very easy and effective from both a time and an ammonia reduction standpoint.

Since implementing the full program, David has been the top grower in six out of the last nine flocks. His last 3 flocks were 80 points above the average! His profitability has increased 3X!

Today, David is an ALL STAR GROWER!!






“The Assist program made a huge difference for my operation. Performance has improved in every area, including profits.”


—David Marten

Improved Water Quality Leads to Enhanced Performance for Broiler Breeder-Grower

Willie Marten is a successful broiler breeder-grower, but he has had a challenge with loose birds. He sourced water from a pond on his farm that had no filtration prior to reaching his birds. He was also having issues with his cool cells because of algae buildup.

Willie’s son, David Marten, is also a broiler grower and had been an Assist NPS customer for almost three years so he referred his dad to Andy at Assist NPS. Following the Assist NPS protocol, a pre-filter was installed along with the Stenner plug-and-play equipment to automatically regulate the AWS dosage (no mixing or hazardous fumes involved).

Once the water lines were cleaned with AWS 1200 to re move the existing contaminate buildup, Willie switched over to the AWS 5000 to provide clean drinking water to his birds.

Willie was amazed at the results. The birds have tightened up, the litter is drier, and the cool pads that were previously clogged a re open and functioning well. The solution was simple: by adding A WS and following our recommendations, Willie’s water quality issue has been completely resolved and his birds are healthier. 


“I am very happy with the results from the water sanitation program. I am a big believer in Assist Natural Products and Services.”

—Willie Marten


Water Treatment Dramatically Improves Flock Results.

Jerry Stutzman is a broiler grower who was introduced to Assist NPS through his brother Nelson, a current Assist NPS customer and advocate. Jerry was having some persistent issues with his litter. He w anted to use chemical-free products in his barns to control the ammonia but didn’t want to waste time and money testing a lot of different options. Andy with Assist NPS explained how important it is to have high-quality water for a healthier gut and drier manure and how Assist NPS could help.

After speaking with other Assist NPS customers, Jerry decided to give it a try. First, he cleaned his water system with AWS 1200. Once the water lines were cleaned, Jerry installed the Stenner plug-and -play unit to automatically measure and inject the AWS 5000 solution into water lines, eliminating the need to mix different products together or make any pH adjustments.

After a week, Jerry began to notice water consumption was increasing and the birds were much tighter than previous flocks. Additionally, the odor in his barns improved and he even noticed an improvement in how he smelled after working in the barns. After just a couple weeks, the birds’ water consumption was at the highest level ever for their age. The cool cells that were clogged were also becoming cleaner and starting to function correctly.

When they came to catch his birds at day 33, the catch crew was complaining about the size of the birds — they said these were the biggest birds they had caught that week!


“The catch crew said that these were the biggest birds they had caught all week! The Assist NPS water treatment program definitely had results.”

—Jerry Stutzman



Assist NPS's Water Sanitation Program Saves Swine Grower from Having to Invest in a New Well.

Nate Hecht manages a hot nursery for a large swine producer located in Western Ohio. Nate’s challenges were many, including E. coli , scours, and other issues that were increasing mortality. Lab tests indicated the presence of coliforms. Nate tried shocking the well and treating it with chlorine bleach, but nothing was working and he was considering drilling a new well. Once Nate met with Assist NPS, he decided to try our Programmed Approach.

Nate first cleaned all the water lines with AWS 1200 water system cleaner, removing all of the existing sludge and contaminants by simply allowing the solution to stand overnight, flushing the next day and repeating the following day. Nate then began using AWS 5000, a HOCl solution, to provide clean drinking water to his pigs. Since Nate was trying the product for the first time, he elected to use a medicator to inject the solution into the waterlines.

The change was absolutely amazing — within a few weeks, the piglets began to turn around, proving how critical high-quality, great-tasting water is for raising healthy pigs.

Nate has now installed a Stenner plug-and-play system that injects AWS 5000 automatically into the water supply on a daily basis. He is so relieved to have avoided drilling a new well!




“We were at our wits end to the point of pointing fingers at each other. There is no doubt that Assist NPS’s Water Solution has helped us produce the best pigs we have seen in a long time.”

—Nate Hecht


Turkey Grower Cuts Penicillin Need by 75% and Delivers one of His Best Producing Flocks Ever.

Doug Hagemeier is an above-average turkey grower, brood-to-finish, with two farms. In recent flocks on one of his farms Doug has been fighting Dermatitis outbreaks. These outbreaks begin to occur around week 15 forcing him to use penicillin on a daily basis to control his death loss. Doug was cleaning out between flocks, washing and disinfecting, and doing everything he knew to get the dermatitis under control.

After being referred to Andy by another grower who understood how the Assist “Programmed Approach” worked, Doug decided to give it a try. Doug followed the full program which addresses water, nutrition, and the environment. Doug did a complete clean-out following the environmental protocol with the Cyclone cleaning concentrate to wash his barns. Relentless Plus dry litter amendment was applied to the subsurface and on top of new litter with an application of Defender liquid litter amendment.

Next the drinking water system was cleaned with AWS 1200 to remove biofilm and contaminants. After the waterlines were cleaned, Doug switched to the AWS 5000 water sanitizer for his drinking water.

The third step of the program was the nutrition supplement. Doug started adding Assist Quickstart plus in the drinking water for the next 4 weeks and then switched over to the Assist Conversion product in the drinking water for two days every 7 days for the balance of the flock.

The results were amazing for Doug’s flock. He had reduced his penicillin by 75%, increased his livability, and reduced his feed conversion by 10 points (adjusted at 42 lbs.) with an average increase of 1.0 lb. per bird compared to his prior flock. Doug also pointed out the condition of his floors (moisture) compared to his other farms was night and day.

Doug started his next flock on day 1 in the brooder with Quickstart Plus and AWS 5000 and he said, “These are the best looking birds I have seen coming out of the brooder.”

Having had one of his best producing flocks, Doug is a believer in Assist!





“I started my next flock on day 1 with Quickstart Plus and Assist Water Solutions… Best looking birds I have seen coming out of the brooder.”

Problem solved!

—Doug Hagemeier


Water Treatment and Nutrition Program Dramatically Improves Health and Milk Production.

Mike Plager is a successful dairyman and row crop farmer with typical well-sourced water. Mike hadn’t used any water sanitation products on his farm because he felt his water was adequate. Like most farmers, Mike thought seeing bio-film in the tanks and water troughs seemed normal considering the cows were drinking the water. However, like most dairymen, Mike continued to have persistent issues with sick calves and scours.

Mike first tried using a Chlorine Dioxide water sanitizer to see if that would improve his drinking water. He started to see some improvement, but not as much as he anticipated. Additionally, he didn’t like having to mix product and inhaling hazardous fumes, so he stopped using it. On the recommendation of Andy Thompson at Assist NPS, he switched to the Assist NPS cleaner. He used AWS 1200 to clean his water lines and then started to use AWS 5000 for better tasting water. He immediately noticed a change in the taste of the water in the milk house. T he water tasted so good he piped the same water to his house.

Mike was so pleased with the Assist NPS water products he decided to look at the next step in the Assist NPS program — Nutrition. He began adding Assist NPS Quickstart Plus to the milk replacer wit h each feeding of his calves at 1/4 oz. per feeding per calf per day. The results have been astonishing. The scours in the calve s are gone. Mike has not given his calves a shot in 6 months, resulting in markedly improved health and milk production.


“My cows and calves are healthier and producing more milk. In fact, I haven’t had to give a calf a shot in 6 months!”

—Mike Plager

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