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Assist NPS delivers breakthrough solutions in animal health which increases producer revenue through the science of “Competitive Exclusion.” Assist’s all-natural, field and university tested solutions maximize animal health, size and livability, and reduce feed consumption, by addressing water, environmental and nutritional factors in livestock operations. This results in improved animal performance, optimal production barn conditions and increased profits for the producer.


"The results of this work indicate that this treatment significantly improves total bird weights, improves feed efficiency, and positively modulates the ideal bacterial microbiota.”

-- Dr. Timothy Johnson

University of Minnesota

College of Veterinary Medicine

Research Project: Testing the Assist NPS Program


Success Stories

"We were at our wits end to the point of pointing fingers at each other. There is no doubt that Assist NPS’s Water Solution has helped us produce the best pigs we have seen in a long time.”  Read more...

—Nate Hecht

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