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Are you looking for a better solution to control ammonia, address disease, with better starts and overall healthier birds?

LDM delivers all four!

(Litter Disease Management)

Assist Natural Products is proud to partner with 3 Tier Technologies, Inc. to supply LDM, the most advance OMRI Certified Organic liquid litter amendment in the industry.

The unique natural ingredients in LDM have been formulated to re-balance the organic ecosystem of the litter. Unlike acid products, which are toxic to humans and birds alike, LDM is pH balanced and constantly consumes organics that regenerates the natural balance of the litter. Regenerating your entire litter bed allows it to be used longer, for safe, healthier birds.

LDM Destroys ammonia at the source. Naturally occurring bacteria with complex enzymes quickly decompose the organic building blocks that lead to NH3. Further, LDM’s unique Bio-Polymer helps bind ammonium therefore helping reduce the “off gassing” of Ammonia. Ammonia is effectively released while the birds are gone, rather than when they are growing in the barns, helping to provide a better growing environment for the birds.

Litter Management

Assist works with the grower to target specific issues inside the barn that may cause undue stress to the young animals by providing natural nonchemical solutions for ammonia odor control, and reducing disease causing pathogens in the litter. Proper litter management is not only a commitment to change but a system that each grower should understand.

  • Windrowing is by far the best way to manage litter as long as you understand the proper procedure of maintaining temperatures by turning consistently to allow all manure to go thru the heating process. Windrowing without proper management can do more harm than good.

  • Making sure you have a minimum of 7-10 days for the process is also very important

  • Pulverizing is also a very effective tool to manage moisture as well as ammonia

  • Discing prior to pulverizing to break up the litter improves performance and the heating process by providing oxygen to the microbes in the litter

  • De-Caking helps to manage moisture as well as litter depth

  • Ammonia trapped in the hard pan can be 10 times more concentrated than just built up litter. Removing any hard pan is critical to managing ammonia

  • Treating the sub surface with LDM will open the clay base to allow moisture to escape as well as ammonia

  • Keep your houses closed up and allow the heating process to release ammonia naturally during your management processes

  • Maintain enough ventilation to prevent any condensation for forming on the ceilings and walls

  • LDM will accelerate the heating process thru bio stimulation of the litter bed. This process requires moisture that is already in place and temperature for optimum performance.

  • Always read and follow instructions

So how does Assist do this and what does competitive exclusion mean anyway?

Competitive exclusion is an approach Assist takes to make sure the good bacteria are provided all of the necessary “tools” they need to work harder, faster and essentially out-compete the bad bacteria commonly present in the barn, quite simply this is an approach to naturally control pathogens throughout the entire grow out process.

Contact Andy Thompson with Assist Natural Products today at 815-291-6176 to learn more about how LDM and other solutions Assist has that can produce better starts, healthier humidity levels and lower ammonia levels and show you a return on your commitment!

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