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It all starts with your water.

The consequences for not maintaining a clean water system are significant, creating challenges for raising healthy and productive livestock. Ask yourself:

Are you ignoring your most important resource?

Would you drink the water your animals drink?

How is my water affecting my bottom line?


Don’t just assume it’s good.

Quality water enhances health, which means more payable pounds.

 It creates better feed conversion, growth and livability.

In short, it’s good for your livestock, and your bottom line.



I am very happy with the results from the water program. I am a big believer in Assist Natural Products and Services.”

Willie Marten

Broiler Breeder-Grower





Simply put: you can’t reach genetic potential without good, clean water.

Clean water improves gut health, increases production and improves feed conversion. Water does so much more for your animals too. It aids digestion, regulates body temperature, delivers nutrients, eliminates waste, protects the immune system and ensures proper hydration.

All in all, the Assist Water Program can help you raise healthier, more productive animals.


There is no doubt that Assist’s Water Program has helped us produce the best pigs we have seen in a long time.”

Nate Hecht

Swine Grower




Water quality can change with the seasons, depending on the location and water source. In addition, the warm environment inside a poultry house, for example, can lead to a rapid replication of microorganisms, resulting in formation of slime in water lines and regulators. Inanimate scum is composed of many types of bacteria and other organisms that lived together in a sticky film inside water lines, regulators and nipple drinkers.





No one knows water like Assist NPS. And no one else can assure your water supply is clean and good to the last drop.

Assist will provide you accurate information on your current water quality and then deliver a custom-designed solution that addresses any water issues you may be facing.

Our program is scientifically proven to improve the overall health of your livestock:

Increased water consumption means higher performance

Improved digestion and absorption means better feed conversion

Improved weight gain means more payable pounds

Delivery of important nutrients and vaccines means better health

» Water is too important to ignore

Drinking water quality is often an afterthought on many livestock farms. However, contaminants may be limiting performance. A continually monitored, clean, safe water supply helps growers prevent unhealthy environments.

 Have you tested your water for bacterial content, heavy metals and mineral levels? Don’t risk it. Have Assist test your water today. For free.

» Does your water pass the test?

Is your water clean? There’s only one way to know for sure. Simply send a sample of your water to Assist and we can determine the levels of heavy metals, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, sulfur, and elements such as sodium, nitrates and hardness. Any of which, in excess, can lower productivity and animal wellbeing.

Contact us for more information on Assist’s Baseline Water Analysis.

My cows and calves are healthier and producing more milk. In fact, I haven’t had to give a calf a shot in 6 months!”

Mike Plager









We’ll test your water through

a certified lab and deliver a

livestock suitability water quality

report. If the report shows safe

levels of heavy metals and other

elements, you’ll go right 

to step 3.






Livestock Safe

Within Maximum

Exceeds Maximum


  Results ppm Upper Levels, Livestock Upper Levels, Maximum  
Nitrate Nitrogen 1.0 10 20  
pH 8.0 8.5 8.5  
Sulfate (SO4) 400.0 50 300  
Chloride 9.0 100 300  
Calcium 82.9 100 200  
Magnesium 105.6 50 100  
Copper 0.0 0.2 0.5  
Iron 2.6 0.2 0.4  
Zinc 0.1 25 25  
Sodium 39.6 50 300  
Aluminum 0.1 5 10  
Manganese 0.02 0.05 0.5  
Phosphorus 2.87 - -  
Potassium 3.17 - -  
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 707 960 3000  
Total Hardness (CaCO3) 640 - -  
EC (Electro Conductivity) uS/cm 1410 - -  



If needed, we’ll provide a

customized and maintenance-free

 filtration system that will remove

excess heavy metals,

nitrates, sulfates,

hardness, sulfur

and sodium.




The Assist Ionized HOCl Water Treatment solution is a mixture of

chlorine-oxygen compounds predominantly made up of hypochlorous

acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ions. HOCl is a mixed oxidant solution

(MOS) in the purest form, generated through an electrolosis process.

This product pairs with the Assist Waterline Cleaner solution to

effectively clean and treat all water systems. This unique synthesis of

products allows delivery of great tasting water

without the need to adjust the pH.


» Water is the most important part of production

Assist’s Water Program uses innovative technology to effectively clean and treat both drinking water systems and the water itself, creating a better environment for all CAFO operations.

Our all-natural, non-toxic solution removes inanimate scum and contaminates. When combined with our Automatic Injection System, the Assist Water Program makes it easy to achieve and maintain clean, clear, high-quality water.






From testing to filtering, from cleaning to treating, no one knows water like Assist NPS. And no one else can assure your water delivery system is clean and supplies great taste down to the last drop. Assist provides a scientifically proven solution that will improve the overall health of your livestock.

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