Water Filtration

Better Water Quality Equals:

  • Increased water consumption
  • Better weight gain
  • Healthy animals

How is my water affecting my bottom line?

The AWS Water Filtration series of patented automatic filters inject a constant supply of pressurized air into the raw water steam. The air-water mixture is then sprayed into an open air chamber tank, allowing the air and water to mix completely: achieving up to a 200% saturation. This process oxidizes the iron and or sulfur into a filterable state. The solution is then forced through a special media bed, where the oxidized solids are filtered out. The processed water is then stored in a pressurized storage tank where the excess air is filtered out. Automatic valves then backwash the filter media bed forcing the filtered solids to drain, regenerating filter media. The AWS WF System will provide clean filtered water 24 hours a day.

AWS Water Filtration Systems are highly effective in eliminating iron, manganese and sulfur compounds from groundwater, which translates into lower feed costs, higher production yields, and better quality products for livestock operations.

The AWS WF System can be built to handle from 5 to 500 gallons per minute, whether you need water intermittently or continuously throughout the day. AWS Water Filtration Systems require no maintenance, although some material is lost in the backwash process the media beds only need to be replenished every four to five years!

We understand one size does NOT fit all. AWS Water Filtration Systems are individually scaled and customized to the needs of the customer.

Water Quality: “It all starts with good water”

Providing a clean water source is essential to ensure your livestock’s health and has a direct economic impact.

The Problem:

The consequence of not maintaining a clean water system is that it creates challenges for raising healthy and productive animals. The majority of drinking water is supplied from wells and the water quality can change from season to season. Never assume that your water is fine without understanding the quality of the water you are providing your animals.

First, Test Your Water:

Take a sample of your water and have a livestock suitability test performed. Assist will provide water sample kit to do so.

This test will provide you with the levels of the following water contaminants: heavy metals, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, and elements such as sodium, nitrates, and hardness.

Any of these in excess can cause a decrease in water consumption. Once the test is performed and analyzed, you are in a position to take the necessary steps to provide great tasting and quality drinking water.

The Fix:

Assist will provide you accurate information on your water quality and provide a custom designed solution that will not only clean your existing water lines but also provide you with first class drinking water.

Assist Water Solutions:

  • Removes inanimate scum and sludge in the water lines
  • Green natural solutions that are proven to be more effective than toxic chemicals against bacteria, viruses and other microbiological organisms.
  • Improves gut health so animals stay healthy naturally, increasing production and reducing feed conversion rates. A healthy gut promotes drier manure.
  • Removes iron, sulfur, manganese and other contaminates from wells and ponds

Cleaning the water system to provide great tasting drinking water is the absolute critical first step in our systemic solution.

The Results:

  • Increased water consumption = increased performance
  • Improved digestion and absorption = better feed conversion
  • Improve weight gain = increased profitability
  • Keep water lines clean from contaminants (scale, rust, algae and slime)

Ask yourself:

  • “Are you ignoring your most important resource?”
  • “Would you drink the water your animals drink?”
  • “How is my water affecting my bottom line”

Assist GUARANTEES all recommendations will eliminate heavy metals to a level of non-detect and an increase in water consumption in your animals.