Assist has a decade of experience identifying and resolving gut issues that prevent animals from growing at the rate they should.  Assist’s all-natural, non-pharma nutrition products include key components such as probiotics, amino acids, trace minerals and organic acids to rebalance the gut and create a strong and healthy digestive system.

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What we do?

Assist products helps producers:

  • Balance intestinal bacterial flora
  • Optimize beneficial bacteria
  • Reduce pathogenic bacteria in the gut
  • Boost immune systems
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Increase absorption of trace elements

What are the benefits?

  • Faster growth
  • Better feed conversion
  • More payable pounds
  • Less disease
  • Lower stress
  • Fewer vet calls
  • Decreased mortality
Nutrition FAQs
Why is Gut health so important?

The gut contains a majority of the micro-organisms in the body and contains the largest immune organ. The gut accounts for 20% of the energy expended by the animal so it is very important that it operates at peak efficiency.

How will a healthy gut improve the performance of my animals?

Probiotics are essential to providing a healthier balance in the gut. Enhancing the immune system translates to improved disease resistance along with improved nutrient utilization.

How does the use of Probiotics effect the performance of my animals?

Probiotics provide a healthy micro-flora in the gut that provides the animal effective tools to fend off stress and disease. Probiotics work to competitive exclude or out compete pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella. A healthy micro-flora enhances weight gain and improves survival of the animal.

Is it important to use acidifiers in my feed or drinking water?

Acidifiers lower the pH in the GI tract thereby providing an unsuitable environment for growth of pathogens such as coliforms, which are often responsible for high animal mortality.

Would probiotics and acidifiers provide an alternative to the use of antibiotics?

Absolutely! Producers and consumers are worried about the long term effects of the use of antibiotics as the long term usage could lead to resistance of routine antibiotics. Probiotics and acidifiers provide an excellent alternative to antibiotics by providing a healthier better balanced gut for improved animal performance without the fear of resistance as is the case with antibiotics.

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