What is Assist?

It all starts with the water your animals drink.

For the past decade, Assist has partnered with some of the world’s largest poultry, dairy, beef and swine operators to identify problems with the water animals drink, its impact on animal nutrition and its influence in production environments.

Cleaner, better quality water means more payable production pounds, healthier animals, less feed and so much more. Our specially engineered amino acids, micronutrients and probiotics work in tandem with water to dramatically improve gut health and beneficial microbes that make the digestion process more efficient. Our environmental enzymes work with water to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria that outcompete unwanted pathogens and dangerous bacteria that impact animal health.

What we do?

At Assist, we believe water is the next frontier when it comes to producer profits.  We help producers:

  • Identify and remove harmful things in water that tie up nutrients and make animals sick
  • Develop specialized water amendments that improve gut health and weight gain
  • Remove harmful pathogens and bacteria from production environments and lagoons

What are the benefits?

Assist specializes in producing pharma-free, all natural, university-tested solutions which:

  • Improve animal weight gain
  • Reduce animal feed costs
  • Cut animal mortality rates
  • Eliminate dangerous pathogens and bacteria
  • Remove dangerous sulfates, heavy metals and other hazardous substances